YORKCG Review- Scam Broker Complaint

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YORKCG Review by Fraud Brokers


YorkCG is a crypto and CFD trading authority and works at a worldwide level where anyone from any part of the world can access their services. They also offer educational services to the clients to elevate their trading skills. They offer a wide variety of investment tools and attractive financial instruments. They claim to have their clients trade with the largest list of assets in the industry. Investment in assets like cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, indices, and forex. They promise immediate execution with real-time market quotes. They do have a currently active website that elaborates on their services. However, there are serious allegations against this company which makes us review it and spread awareness about any potential fraud. 


After going through some reviews we came to terms with a fact that it may be an authorized firm helping their clients in generating profits through their passive money. As there were both positive and negative reviews about YorkCG. Many reviewed it as a fair trader service provider which got them profits, some said they got refunded easily after they were going to losses, most of them got refunded and we found less complete loss of money. But, it does not mean it ain’t a scam, because many reviews also suggested they have lost their investment completely or suffered major losses.


What makes us more skeptical of their services is  FCA confirmed that this firm is not authorized by them and still targeting people in the UK. They affirmed that it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorization. It operates from St. Vincent and Grenadines. FCA also warned the investors to be aware of the scammers as after claiming false promises they may change their contact details, email addresses, telephone numbers, or physical addresses. 

It requires a minimum deposit of 250 Euro, based on the size of the deposit they offer four different types of accounts. Different accounts give different leverage rates.it starts with a self manage account which is 250Euro where a trader will get market reviews, trading central research and improved leverage upto 100, then there is a Gold Account that starting 10000Euro and gives traders services like- Dedicated account manager, trading bonus,improved spreads,improved leverages upto 200, trade room tier 3 along with market review and trading central research. There are two more accounts one is Platinum starting with 50000 Euro and a VIP account which is subjected to invitation only.  The site seems genuine and working but warning issued against this firm by FCA makes it suspicious and prone to doubt.

Is YorkCG a scam or legit?

YorkCG might be a scam as it is not a regulated broker by FCA and targeting clients in UK. Therefore, if you get scammed there will be no authority to take accountability. To cross-check their license, you should consider the ASIC license list of registered brokers to avoid deceitful investment. Nt being authorized it makes it a potential scammer. Maybe they have scammed many and those who still are part of their services should rethink their decisions as such brokerages can flea after receiving big investments from their clients.

Precaution is better than cure.