Is Vitacapitals a scam or legit? Find Out with Vitacapitals Review

A blatantly fraudulent scam posing as a forex and CFD broker is Vitacapitals. Fact-checking disproves the website’s false claim that it is allowed to provide financial services. The user agreement guarantees that you will never be able to recover the money you made the error of handing over to these con artists because the trading Vitacapitals purports to offer is fictitious.

Website –

Address – Bulgaria, Botevgrad, p.k. 2141, SARANSK, bl. 4, ent. A, 7th floor, apt. 38

Warned By – Monetary Authority of Singapore (Singapore)

Identified in Singapore as a fraud

Not only do Vitacapitals falsely claim to be controlled by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, but the Regulator has blacklisted them instead.

Questionable company history

The fact that we simply can’t be certain as to which precise company exactly runs the entire enterprise is another peculiarity of Vitacapitals. The Vitacapitals, LLC is claimed to be listed with MAS in Singapore as shown in the presentation, but given the most recent warning, it is not.

Deposit and withdrawal methods for Vitacapitals

You can transfer money with Vitacapitals using a credit/debit card or a cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency transactions are not susceptible to refunds, scammers favor them. While some trustworthy brokers do take Bitcoin, they also accept other clear payment options like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and well-known e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Sofort.

Although the existence of transaction fees is not explicitly mentioned anywhere, this does not imply that they are not present. The major issue is that Vitacapitals will make it difficult for you to withdraw the money you have deposited with them.

This is how they carry out the scam

Our Vitacapitals evaluation revealed that these financial con artists are part of a sophisticated con artist network. This scheme includes several connected companies with fictitious addresses; after being discovered, they switch to a different domain and organization.

They contact previous (frauded-on) clients while posing as a new business, offering assistance with money reimbursement that always includes an upfront, required commission.

Vitacapitals’ scammers lure victims with promises of cheap and tight spreads, high leverage, and bonuses. They contact individuals by running ads on social media and Google, sending spam emails, and making cold calls.

They continue after they have persuaded you to spend. They keep trying to get you to spend more money by making more lucrative suggestions. They won’t let you leave if you want to.

Have you fallen for the fraud perpetrated by Vitacapitals? Vitacapitals Review Conclusion

There is no need to become anxious if you have lost money. Even the most careful investors occasionally make errors, so it’s critical to view this as a teaching moment.

Thankfully, help is readily accessible. The Fraud Brokers Group is dedicated to aiding victims of fraud in recouping their lost funds. Our team of recovery specialists has assisted many clients, and we are prepared to aid you as well. Simply submit a short complaint form to get started and receive a free consultation. Unlike other dishonest recovery firms, our reputable organization has effectively recovered millions of dollars from dishonest brokers.

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