Umo Finance Review Scam Complaint

Umo Finance Review – An Introduction

Umo Finance is a pretty new High Yield Investment Program which claims to make its users rich in a very short period of time. They use a kind of automated business model which earns them the profit without doing much. It is also reported that the details given on the website of the company is false. The list of the flaws with the broker company doesn’t end with the details only it can be seen on returns and claims.

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About the Umo Finance:

Umo Finance is a United Arab Emirates based Forex and CFDs trading company. It trades in stocks, crypto currencies and foreign exchanges. Umo Finance pays its investors every trading day or week days from 1.4% to 3.6%, depending on the investment package and deposit amount of the investor. This is an unregulated company which raises money from the people of UK without being authorized from FCA. Umo Finance makes money from trading Bitcoin and Forex. Though their website makes bold claims about their operations and performances, they have failed to back it with any proof for the same. There is no validation of the win rates of their software from any source is mentioned on the website and even not any trading history.

Umo Finance offers a total of 9 programs on their platform and the returns range between 1% per day to up to 125% for 30days. Although, these numbers seem attractive but they are unrealistic.

Is Umo Finance legit or scam?

Umo Finance is a quick spreading High Yield Investment Program scam which will without any doubt take away the cash of its investors. To make their scam success they might pay to some of their clients that will too once in a while so that they can gain some positive reviews and feedbacks on various forums, but that will not make them legit.

We also know that the owners of this company are completely unknown and are operating the company from the hidden window so it is very hard to track them down. Indulging with this company in any form is nothing more than hassle and loss of money. Clearly, Umo Finance is a scam broker who promises luring deals and offers to the traders out there in the market and ultimately fools them and flees away with their hard earned money. Hence, it is highly advised to not fall for their trap.

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