Trustminer Review: Is Trustminer a legit or a scam broker?

Website –

Address – 72 Pepys Street, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, EC3N 2NU

Regulation – Unregulated

Warned By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

Beware of Trustminer: A Suspected Scam 

Trustminer claims to be a crypto investment service that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, offering a fixed daily return of 3.3% to its customers. However, this rate is extremely high and suspicious. Upon further investigation, Trustminer appears to be an HYIP scheme, which is an unregulated investment opportunity that offers questionable returns. The promised ROI is often too good to be true, with some customers being told that they can make 100% or more per day. 

This is simply impossible, as even the largest investment funds cannot secure more than 10% per year, let alone per day or week. Trustminer provides little information about its services, and the only guarantee is the promise of a 3.3% return per day. Based on these factors, it is safe to say that Trustminer is highly suspicious and most likely fraudulent. Please exercise caution when dealing with this service.

Trustminer’s Lack of Registration and Regulation Raises Concerns 

Unfortunately, Trustminer has not provided any evidence of being registered as a company, and our research could not uncover any legally established entities linked to the HYIP. This raises a red flag and suggests that Trustminer may be operating illegally. If they scam you and vanish, there will be no one to hold accountable for your losses. Be cautious!

The absence of regulation gives rise to numerous issues. Most notably, all investments are left unprotected, making you vulnerable to scammers. To avoid falling prey to fraudulent schemes, it’s advisable to only trust your money with authorized companies that are licensed by your local financial regulator.

Is Trustminer a Safe Investment? 

Based on our research, Trustminer is not a safe investment. It operates as an anonymous cryptocurrency scheme that provides unregulated investment services with potentially fraudulent ROIs. Therefore, investing your money with Trustminer could put your funds at risk. It would be best to avoid investing with this platform.

Have You Been a Victim of Trustminer Broker Scam? Get Help by Filing a Complaint with Us 

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