TradeVilley Review

TradeVilley Review


TradeVilley claims itself as a leading cryptocurrency investment and mining company. It is also an exchange platform for different cryptocurrencies. The platform offers extensive choices of tools in cryptocurrency markets to investors.

The company seamlessly associates with users’ investment accounts to enable friction-free deposits, and withdrawals instantly. It gives high competitive exchange rates across the world to its clients.

Starting from bitcoin investments it has expanded to enable clients to invest/mine for ETH, USDC, BCH, BTC, and different digital assets. Read this TradeVilley review to know more about this broker.


The mission of TradeVilley is to make earning and mining cryptocurrency possible and easy for everyone and from everywhere. Thereby, reducing the reliance on any form of traditional financial institutions. They claim to be a reliable and trusted company.

Why invest with TradeVilley?

The company claims to offer safe transactions. They have a flexible and safe payment/ transaction gateway.

It claims to be insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and regulated by Blockchain Technology. Sounds weird, how can blockchain technology regulate? It is a technology and not a regulating authority. A red flag.

They claim to exchange cryptocurrency at cheap and good rates. They support their clients anytime and are always available. They claim to send your withdrawals straight into your wallet in no time. But it does not reach. Another red flag.

User interaction

Website developers have designed the site in such a way that it is responsive and easy to navigate. Even those investors who do not possess sound technical knowledge can open all pages as their website is graspable and plain. User-friendly interface. People from all over the world can trade from this site.


The website claims to be regulated by SEC and they display the scanned copy of the certificate as proof. What is hilarious with the certificate is that it is not signed by any official of SEC but by CEO Elliot Barnes of Tradevilley Cloud Mining. Second red flag.

The team

The website of TradeVilley scam claims the team consists of crypto experts. The team consists of CEO and founder Peter Smith. Head Engineering is Chris Dolph. Consultants are Jenny Steve and Abel Scott. The Head of media is Luke Andre.


TradeVilley can be contacted via phone at +1 (707) 408-3648 or by email: Their location is 250, 2nd floor, Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y 10003. They can also be contacted through the contact form, fill up your details and submit.

Investment plans are offered

The basic plan TradeVilley offer is the Starter plan (500USD to 999USD), Bronze plan (1,000USD to 4,999USD), Silver plan (5,000USD to 9,999USD), Gold plan (10,00USD to 19,999USD), Diamond plan (20,00USD to 30,000USD), Red Diamond plan (50,000USD to 100,000USD), Ruby plan (101,000USD to 500,000USD), and Emerald plan (501,000USD to 1,000,000USD).

Kindly note there is a referral bonus from 10% to 15% depending upon the investment plan you choose. For every plan, there is 3 months contract period. For each plan, there are guaranteed daily profits. A nearly impossible thing. The latest withdrawals shown on the website are old which is on 28th Dec. 2021.

Why you should not do business with TradeVilley?

The company claims to be based in New York, USA but is not regulated by the regulatory authority SEC to do business in the USA. It has been warned by SEC.

It has negative customer reviews. It is anonymous. The company creates an unrealistic expectations. It claims to have secured nearly 350% earnings per day. Forget about a day these earnings cannot be earned over a few years.

It is an off-shore company and has no legal jurisdiction. The website does not share much information about the company. Whatever it has shared on-site is fraudulent.

Those companies who do not have regulatory licenses follow any rules and are free to do whatever they want. That is your money can be used for other risky purposes than indicated. Secondly, your funds may be transferred to other accounts. Your funds can be simply stolen.

When dealing with fraud firms you do not have the right to use complaint procedures. You are not protected by compensation if things go wrong. The regulatory authorities impose many rules on the company in the interest of the clients.

Scammers work hand-in-glove with hackers. The scammers buy bulky packages of data from hackers. The data consists of your name, email ID, phone numbers, social media profiles, and more personal information. Whenever someone contacts you from blue and calls you by your name better hang up as there is a possibility of a scam.

Why crypto scam is booming?

Due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrency on social media sites, and vast fast returns on your investments more and more people are coming into this field. Many people do not much knowledge about it and scammers take full advantage of it. Nowadays it is getting harder to spot potential fraud as scammers are using sophisticated technology.

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