Trade Profit Link Review

Trade Profit Link Review

You start trading to make some extra bucks but you have been warned regarding many scam brokers out there. It is easy to spot a scam broker nowadays due to the reviews on many sites, one such site where you can read reviews is scam broker 2022. We write reviews to alert newbie investors and “Trade Profit Link” is on our radar as a potential scam company.

Due to technical advances, anyone can falsify credentials, identities, and licenses. Let alone newbies, scammers also swindle advanced traders. We have carefully studied and collected data on Trade Profit Link and found many irregularities and glitches and send messages to all investors to “stay away” from Trade Profit Link scam.

There is a lot of difference between reviews of customers (many of whom are fake) and our expert reviews created by our experienced team. Companies and their staff create favorable reviews to boost their company ratings and image.

In case you have lost money to Trade Profit Link contact us immediately. Read this Trade Profit Link review to know more about this broker.

Problems with Trade Profit Link

Along with the dramatic increase in internet activities in the last couple of years, online trading has also flourished. The number of scammers has also risen dramatically.

The COVID pandemic, more internet activity, and financial insecurity have fueled online trading and have been unstoppable and will not end too soon.

No license

Before signing up with any broker do check its credentials. Does the broker have a license? Trade Profit Link is not regulated and does not has any license. When this matter came to light Trade Profit Link shut down its website. For some time they falsely claimed to have a license. We urge the public to immediately request withdrawals and contact us in case you are unable to withdraw.

Offshore license

On their website, they displayed a license and you might have felt secure that the company is regulated. It does not hold the license of any known top-rated license like that of FCA (UK), SEC (USA), or ASIC (Australia). They have obtained a license from some unknown and not-so-known regulators so that they can cover their dodgy practices. Trade Profit Link has also obtained such a license and we do not recommend opening an account with them. By the way, their site is not functioning at present.

Negative reputation

Not all clients review the sites so deeply as the experts in this field do. In case there are a lot of negative reviews then better avoid the site. You can also check for negative views on social media sites about this company engaged in shady practices.


If Trade Profit Link does not follow rules and regulations in the country where they operate or are not licensed to offer trading services they are most probably has been flagged off for non-compliance. Never trust brokers who break rules as they will act according to their free will.

Official warnings

SEC, one of the top-rated regulators has issued a warning to the public not to deal with Trade Profit Link. Many brokers have received negative attention from regulators (SEC, and FCA) as they have received a significant and ample number of complaints regarding this broker being involved in illegal activities.

Complaints are regarding promises of huge returns on their investments. The staff aggressively persuades their products and there is very little transparency in their dealing. They charge heavy fees in name of taxes. They do not allow withdrawals. No sooner do you request for withdrawal, than they stop communicating with you. And act as if you do not exist.

You can boost your chances of getting the claim partially if you have sufficient proof of your transaction with the company and you have tried hard to recover money from them.

You can seek assistance from us in case you are unable to withdraw your hard-earned money. We will guide you in preparing a full-proof case for the recovery of funds without escape routes for the scammers.