SafeCryptoWorld Review: Don’t Take a Chance Dealing with SafeCryptoWorld

We initially disliked, but it turned out to be worse than we had anticipated. To learn more, read a complete SafeCryptoWorld review.

Both the registration procedure and the user area were easy for us to navigate. The broker’s dependence on a templated interface is what led to the familiarity. The scammer community is aware of this behavior. These businesses find it to be much simpler and less expensive, and the majority of their customers won’t even notice.

 Website –

 Address – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines & Estonia & 25 Cabot Square, London E14 4QZ, United Kingdom

 Warned By – British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada) and Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Is SafeCryptoWorld a Fraud Broker?

The SafeCryptoWorld broker has never disclosed any details regarding the ownership of the business, the legal jurisdiction, or anything similar. Despite the broker’s claim to be located in the UK, there is no pertinent information in the Terms and Conditions.

If accurate, the business will require a Tier 1 license from the FCA. Rank 1 regulators are those who are the most firmly established.

However, despite being lax regulators, Tiers 2 and 3 still offer some form of regulatory oversight.

You are dealing with a scam because we were able to verify that SafeCryptoWorld’s control is not with any license providers.

The SafeCryptoWorld Trading Scam Is Operating Where?

The US is another country that the SafeCryptoWorld Forex broker favors. We highly advise you to avoid this investment firm and not accept any offers, regardless of how alluring they may sound, because it falsely claims to be a UK-based brokerage and lacks a license in any nation.

Help for SafeCryptoWorld – Remote Access Scam

This broker compels customers to download any of the remote desktop programs that are promoted on the home page, as was already stated. The support staff and account manager will explain the need to assist you with your deposit, show you around the site, educate you on the market, and other things.

However, these individuals will only try to gain access to your cryptocurrency wallet, internet banking, or any other location where you might keep your money.

When they have access to that, they will transfer your entire savings to the business or themselves while blocking all of your calls and texts. Recognize remote access schemes early and exercise caution around them.

Recover Stolen Money from SafeCryptoWorld 

If dealing with SafeCryptoWorld resulted in cash losses, don’t give up. To get your money back, you must move. At Fraud Brokers Community, we specialize in helping victims of scams to get their lost money back. Numerous clients have benefited from the expertise of our employees in recovery, and we can do the same for you. To get started, fill out a brief complaint form to get a free consultation. Unlike other dishonest recovery companies, Fraud Brokers Community is a reliable and trustworthy organization that has successfully reclaimed millions of dollars from dishonest traders.

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