Is Qcfinances a scam or legit? Find Out with Qcfinances Review

At first glance, QCFinances appears to be a legitimate broker, but our experience has revealed that first impressions can be deceiving in the world of forex trading. Despite falsely claiming to be regulated and offering an award-winning, cutting-edge platform, QCFinances is just an anonymous website with a basic platform that can be obtained cheaply. As a result, QCFinances is suspected of being a scam, and we’ll explain why in our comprehensive Qcfinances review.


Address: Sidney, Australia

Warning: Not Recommended By Review Website Like Fraud Brokers

QCFinances: Regulatory Compliance and Fund Safety 

While QCFinances displays a lot of corporate information, we have reason to believe that all of it is false and potentially fraudulent. Firstly, the brokerage claims to be regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB), which we have discovered to be untrue. A quick search revealed that SCB has not licensed QCFinances in any capacity. This is a serious issue, as it suggests that QCFinances is attempting to create a false sense of security. We strongly advise against using their services and suggest that you consider alternative brokers. Our comprehensive list of high-ranking brokers is fully licensed and safe to trade with.

Identifying Warning Signs of Qcfinances

  • Lack of Owner Information: The website does not provide any information about its owner, which raises concerns about the legitimacy of Qcfinances. Genuine sites should not hide information about their owners.
  • Duplicate Content: Qcfinances is using the same content as other websites, which suggests that the information found on their site is not unique.
  • Low Trust Score: According to research, a good trust score for a website should be around 25-50 points. However, the trust score of Qcfinances is very low, which raises questions about its credibility. A reputable site should have a score of over 60 points.

A Review of QCFinances Trading Conditions 

Despite the presentation’s advertising of more favorable trading conditions, the spreads starting at 2.4 pips that we witnessed upon accessing QCFinances’ trading platform are far from appealing. It’s important to keep in mind that spreads can only be considered reasonable if they start below 1.5 pips for a standard account with no trading commission.

Willow QCFinances Review: Final Thoughts 

We do not recommend investing with QCFinances, and there are several reasons to stay away from this broker. It is advisable to close your account and request a refund. If you encounter any issues with withdrawal, reach out to the specialists at Fraud Brokers.

If you have become a victim of the QCFinances scam, please contact us. Our objective is to alert investors to brokers and business opportunities that may be misleading. If you have an account with this broker, we recommend closing it and requesting a withdrawal. If you do not receive your money back, please file a complaint with the Fraud Brokers community immediately. We offer a free consultation and aid with fund recovery attempts, in addition to locating your funds and compiling investigative reports.

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