NovaTechFX Review: Is NovaTechFX a Legit or a Scam Broker?

A comprehensive NovaTechFX review is conducted to provide an in-depth look into the organization’s offerings. It is said that this broker offers tight spreads and minimal commissions while providing a superior trading experience across both Forex and crypto markets. Although the website does display several locations, there are no regulations listed.

If you have come across NovaTechFX with the intention of investing and think it might be your ideal choice, we suggest taking a few moments to review all the details. This broker claims they offer traders an excellent experience with some of the lowest fees and spreads out there, but is that enough? We are supplying in-depth research on NovaTechFX in this assessment so you can make an informed decision.

Website –

Address – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Regulation – Unregulated

Warned By – Not recommended by review website like Fraud Brokers

Domain Age – 

Date RegisteredJune 17, 2019
Domain Age3 years, 11 months, 30 days, 4 hours, 49 minutes, 50 seconds

About NovaTechFX

NovaTech Ltd. founded the broker in 2019, and Cynthia Petion, CEO of NovaTechFX broker, was formerly a high-ranking official at AWS Mining – another disreputable trading company. The broker claims to be based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but companies can register without having any physical presence in this country, which is cause for concern. Due to its questionable legal status, there is no guarantee of deposit security if this broker closes down its website; your investment is at risk should that occur.

NovaTechFX Login Issue

Clients have reported that it is very common for them to experience login issues with NovaTechFX. Although this seems absurd, they often have difficulty withdrawing their funds as soon as they request it. This appears to be a tactic used by the forex brokerage to take advantage of clients and deny them access to their money. If a client decides they have made enough investments and attempt a withdrawal, then their account may become inaccessible due to technical complications or other errors.

NovaTechFX Affiliate Program

Before investing in NovaTechFX, you may want to review its affiliate program. To become a member, one must pay an initial fee of $49.99, which gives access to an “affiliate package” where investments can be made without the help of AI software or account managers. The main goal is for customers to bring leads and receive bonuses as an affiliate; however, this type of multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme usually results in losses for referrers.

NovaTechFX Withdrawal Issues

It is important to remember that NovaTechFX has not promised any security for withdrawals. There are no regulations, no forms of financial protection, and no governing bodies associated with NovaTechFX. The only recourse available is to file a dispute and pursue a chargeback before the issue becomes irreparable.

NovaTechFX Review Conclusion

In conclusion, our investigation into NovaTechFX has revealed substantial evidence suggesting that it operates as a scam. Multiple reports from customers highlight a pattern of deceptive practices, including failure to process withdrawals and manipulation of trades. The lack of proper regulation and transparency further raises concerns about the legitimacy of NovaTechFX. 

Investors should exercise extreme caution and refrain from engaging with this platform. The risks involved in dealing with NovaTechFX outweigh any potential benefits, making it clear that NovaTechFX cannot be trusted as a reliable entity in the financial market. It is advised to steer clear of NovaTechFX to protect one’s investments and financial well-being.

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