Lexington Plus Review: Don’t Take a Chance Dealing with Lexington Plus

LexingtonPlus is an unlicensed business that currently has no clients and provides a very subpar trading atmosphere. If the broker does not outright con you, you will undoubtedly be taken advantage of through expenses charged by LexingtonPlus. Ignore this offer; investing money in a broker like this would be a terrible notion. Learn everything by reading our in-depth Lexington Plus review.

 Website – lexingtonplus.com

 Address – 150 Beach Road, Singapore

 Warned By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom) and Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

LexingtonPlus rules and fund safety

Although LexingtonPlus states that its headquarters are in Singapore, the majority of its customers are in the UK and the EU. However, the broker also succeeded in getting the FCA of the UK to pay notice to him. Investors are cautioned by the regulator that since this business is unregulated, working with it would prevent you from taking advantage of the numerous protections available to clients of licensed brokers. A caution like that indicates that the broker is most likely operating a scam.

Safety of Money with Lexington Plus

Lexington Plus claims to be located in Singapore and to provide trading services all over the world, but they do not possess the necessary licenses, which instantly destroys their credibility.

Additionally, the local Financial Conduct Authority was alerted to the fact that they had also been targeting customers in the UK without permission (FCA).

The Lexington Plus Spreads and Penalties

Depending on the sort of account, the broker assesses a commission of 0.5% to 1%. Since the spread has not been disclosed, you must first transfer funds before discovering any fees. Since many transparent companies will disclose trading conditions up front and be transparent about your expenses, we do not advise doing this.

Methods and Costs for Depositing and Withdrawing with Lexington Plus

Because there is no qualitative data about payment options in the presentation and the website cannot be trusted, you can also check out our list of brokers who take PayPal, one of the most widely used e-wallets in Europe, the UK, and most other major markets.

The minimum deposit amount for the Lexington Plus Micro Account is a tad high—5000 EUR—even though Lexington Plus claims you can start trading with 500 USD at one point in the presentation. At the same time, the majority of brokers allow you to begin dealing with as little as $250.

Is there a free trading option with Lexington Broker?

You must use your own risk to try the platform since there is no Demo account available. Keep in mind that Lexington Plus’s minimal deposit is $500, which is twice the industry standard.

What can victims of Lexington Plus Fraud do?

Please let us know if you or someone you know has fallen for the Lexington Plus fraud. Fraud Brokers have expertise working with swindling businesses and recouping money that has been stolen. Fight back for what is truly yours rather than letting scammers escape.

To schedule a free consultation and have our professionals assist you in filing a dispute right away, contact us. Since time is important, the sooner we begin, the better our chances are of getting your money back.

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