Phoenix Crypto Review


The cryptocurrency exchange and trade provider Phoenix Crypto claim to be based in the United States and focus on a particular state of Arizona and Texas. The broker facilitates scheme for earning crypto and hosts an ATM. The tag line of Phoenix Crypto is Raise Above and it makes justice to its brand name. But the main question of legitimacy remains unanswered. This Phoenix Crypto review is an one-stop all-inclusive piece of art that needs to be read before traders even think of incest in it. So without any hustle and bustle let’s start this unique and unbiased Phoenix Crypto review. 

About Phoenix Crypto Review

The real problem of Phoenix Crypto is its corporate structure and presentation. The broker doesn’t share any information about its owner corporate structure, the company behind it or regulation. As cryptocurrency trading is very new and many scammers wants to avail this deal by making fake promises and more. Total of seven tabs is provided on the official website of Phoenix Crypto. They are Earn Crypto, ATMs, Trading, FAQs, Radio, Contact, and Shop. However, all the tabs are useless. The tab Host an ATM only displays three words that are power, internet and 2 Square feet space to earn profits. But what is offered and how it is gained is not mentioned. It provides only a telephone number and asks traders to contact them. Another section named ATM shows google map that is flagged by several false landmarks and shows only Arizona and Texas region. Nowhere on the earth, such ATMs are spotted. The trading tab is not that interesting and shows no trading conditions and other critical information. FAQ section is far more complexly developed and provides no relief. Rather makes more confused. The radio tab is filled with videos of two actors those don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and it’s trading. The broker claims to offer a full-fledged online shopping centre. But ironically only one product is displayed on it and its details are not shared. Also, many negative feedbacks and scam allegations have followed about this broker wherever we tried to research them. 

Is Phoenix Crypto scam or legit?

The broker and its presentation are not at all logical. Instead of providing a crypto exchange, it offers crypto ATM. And how it works is a mystery. Several scams allegations are there. And it only targets two states of the US. Therefore it is a potential crypto fraud.

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