Is BTC Global a scam broker?

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BTC Global provides a unique platform for its legitimate binary trading services which gives unmatched returns. It was launched in September 2017. The platform has multi-level marketing type structure. A new person can join only through an existing member. A person can join through invite codes which he gets from existing affiliate.

The founding trader is supposed to be Steven. The company claims that he has 6 years in trading binary options and that too with consistent good records. Through the partnership with Steven, the company has secured access to guarantee 14 percent weekly returns. It applies even if your account is a small one ($1000 only). If one shares this opportunity with others he gets a payout as referral commission. One should get involved as early as possible as in MLM early bird reaps more benefit.

BTC Global is a scam broker

Many believe the founder does not exist. The admin team has been sending payment information to the founder every week since last one year or so. But there was no acknowledgment of receipt of information since last few weeks. The founder has not contacted anyone in the administration team nor any of the leaders. No payments have been received till yet. The administration team has been receiving threats and investors are getting violent. If you feel that crime or fraud has been committed against you, legal options are open. You can also contact MyChargeBack who can help you out in this matter.

Until and unless the founder resurfaces admin team and the leaders cannot do anything. In one of the comments, the author has directly challenged the founder that if he is not a fictitious character than his video be posted on the site. As people are not sure even he existed or not. Many poor South Africans have thrown in their life time’s savings in the scheme and worship him as God. If the founder does not communicate then they will presume BTC Global is a scam broker company.

People are surprised how BTC Global built their business in name of one person who doesn’t seem to even exist. The only contact information is an email ID and Facebook page.

BTC Global is a Ponzi scheme along with recruiting scam built into it. They are offering guaranteed returns which are in no way guaranteed. Recruiting is through affiliates.

Apart from South Africa people from Australia, India, Nigeria and some parts of Europe were also hit by BTC Global scam.

A format will be soon available on Telegram group chat and other social media to assist investors as the money of the top leader and founder’s wallet has been frozen. If you come up with the claim, as and when the money is recovered from wallet by the concerned authorities, it will be distributed.

The author of one of the sites urged people to lay a claim as he believes for every Rand 100000 that has been defrauded or stolen there is a 15-year jail sentence. The author further believes BTC Global is a scam broker company and the founder stole money from pension money, life savings and is shamefully spending the hard earned money of poor people who trusted the company blindly.

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