Bitcoin Storm Review


Bitcoin Storm is an anonymous signal provider for CFDs over foreign exchange and cryptocurrency. It means it is a broker that provides a trading platform to perform cryptocurrency and fx trade. The broker Bitcoin Storm does not display any provided trading accounts on it’s the official page. Though it insists on to enrol first in its scheme and then allows access to details. The broker further claims to offer commission-free trading without any hidden charges. The Bitcoin Storm alleges that it’s so-called Software is developed and designed to trade with 99.4% accuracy. However, we have many serious concerns about this broker and all of it will be analysed in this Bitcoin Storm review.

About Bitcoin Storm Review

The broker Bitcoin Storm claims to provide laser accurate performing software that could not be compared to any other in the world. The accuracy level of its software is 99.4% according to the broker. It also affirms that it uses superior technology that promises 0.01 seconds advanced market understanding capability ahead of the real market. That means its software predicts the market 0.01 seconds before market happenings. Isn’t it Great?. We doubt. Also, this groundbreaking software has won the #1 position in the trading app category of US Trading Association. However, there is no such association named US Trade Association exists. It means this allegation is completely false. 

The minimum investment of $250 and more is required to avail facilities provided by Bitcoin Storm. Sadly, the broker fails to convey critical information about spreads, leverages, trading lots offered, trading platform, the company behind it, local address, licensing and regulation. In one section broker claims that traders need only 20 mins per day to earn higher returns but in another, it insists to invest at least 8 hrs a day to earn a massive profit. The Disclaimer section interestingly claims that the videos they provide are fictional and actors are hired to perform the role of an expert. The Governing Law and Dispute Regulation section claim that all the problems and issues are ruled under the rules and regulation of the United Kingdom. This means the broker must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it’s not. 

Is Bitcoin Storm scam or legit?

Our in-depth analysis of Bitcoin Storm suggests that the broker is a potential crypto scam. It is an unregulated broker that promises higher returns but fails to mention the trading platform and conditions available at it. Many positive feedbacks are paid and broker claims to heir professional actors to influence traders. It is advised to keep a safe distance from it.

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