Is Alphabet Broker a scam broker?

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Alphabet Broker is owned and operated by Marketing EZ Ltd., located at St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  It is a new broker and an unregulated one. Their website mentions that there are a number of payment options but practically there are few only that are MasterCard, Visa, Yandex, and Webmoney. In future, they may add few more.

They are using the proprietary platform for trading. On left one can see asset lists in various different categories all marked with icons. In the middle, one can see candlestick chart. On the right side, there is social trading and Super Cash opportunity.

Social trading shows the most popular trades in Alphabet community whereas Super Cash shows most profitable trades in that moment of time.

The trading chart shows only market fluctuations and there are no tools and indicators. The website is available on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet. One can open website directly from the browser. There were no links for apps at app store.

Investors can communicate with Alphabet Broker through phone, email, and form available at the website. They do not have live chat. It would have been better if they added live chat as it improves their services. It is one of the most practical and fastest means of communication. They have a scope to improve upon this segment.

Account types are Basic (minimum deposit $ 250), Standard ($1,000), Extended ($5,000), and VIP ($10,000). Each account has a specific set of perks and benefits, more advanced the account more expensive it is.  It does not have any demo account. No bonus terms and condition was found on the website. If promotions are offered it is better to have them in writing before accepting it.

Alphabet Broker is a scam broker and has been blacklisted by Britain’s FCA. FCA had issued a warning against 94 binary options firms on 15th Jan. 2018. And Alphabet Broker name figures on the list.

They are not regulated by any of the known financial regulatory authorities like Australia’s ASIC, Britain’s FCA, America’s CFTC, Cyprus’s CySEC etc. It is in general that most of the unregulated companies that are involved in online scams.

One of the authors reviewed on that Alphabet Broker is pure criminal. They have closed his accounts and refuse to the complaint. They demand broker fees and taxes for the handled account. Once you pay they want more.

One more author wrote his story on about Alphabet Broker scam. His story goes thus: One of the staff convinced him to deposit quite a large sum of money and promised that the author will get back his funds and profit in a week’s time, which did not materialize. Two months down the road another staff called up and said the previous person was mishandling the money and has been dismissed. The new one explained him terms and conditions for withdrawing money. And the author will have to pay 30% fees within a month when the so-called managed account reached 200K. And if he (the author) does not pay within the stipulated time his account will be auctioned to the highest bidder. The author told him he is ready to come there in person and pay the fee and withdraw his funds. He did not say anything. If it was a legitimate company they would not have minded if their clients paid all dues before withdrawal and square up the accounts in person. The author prays that the company will not last long and all scam companies out there will get their dues one day.Alphabet Broker is a scam broker and if you have been a victim you can take help of MyChargeBack to retrieve your lost funds. Alphabet Broker site is not working since long and has been down.

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