How was Dopey able to recover money from Edgedale Finance scam?

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Edgedale Finance is owned by Gold Horizon Ltd., located in the Republic of Marshall Islands and has an office in the UK. It was incorporated in January 2016. It is unlicensed binary options broker.

They use the basic trading platform MarketsPulse. Their site is only in English and they target only English speaking public mostly in US and UK. Their operating system is compatible with Windows and Mac. They do not have a mobile application but have web one. They have 39 assets for traders. The trading software has regular high/low binary options and expiry of 60, 90 and 120 seconds, going out to daily, weekly monthly and yearly options. Their returns on USD/EUR options are only 70 percent, one of the lowest.

Dopey in his article on says he fails to understand why no regulatory authority is doing anything to shut Edgedale Finance scam. He has lodged a complaint with UK’s Action Fraud. FCA has tried to get back some of his money via section 75 and chargeback. He received only GBP 13000 whereas he invested GBP 132000 and could not make a withdrawal. He makes people aware that there is only 0.5 percent chances to get your money back. He says that it is better people do a thorough research and save their cash.  He believes people have more chances of winning the lottery than getting money back from these fraudsters.

He is now 99.9 percent sure that they are scammers. He says to watch out for people like Julian Wong, Julius Wenger, Herman, and Christie.

If you have been swindled like Dopey and unable to retrieve your money you can contact MyChargeBack. They will guide you step by step to recover your money that has been scammed in binary options scam.

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