How Warithu and Stanley were scammed by 72 Option?

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72 Option is owned and operated by Epic Ventures Ltd. it is a binary options broker located in Sofia Bulgaria and was founded in 2016. They are unregulated brokers. Level of security is low as they are not supervised by any financial watchdog.

The trading platform is popular SpotOption which allows trading in binary options, CFD’s and forex. Binary options available are high/low, long-term, pairs, 1 and 5 minutes options, ladder, one touch, and limits.

The notable thing is a sudden increase in web traffic. In Oct 2016 they had 10000 visits per month which grew to 20000 in Feb2017 to 108000 in March 2017. Reason can be either people are closing their accounts or opening new ones.

Haji Warithu in his comments on terms 72 Option as a scam. His story is that he followed the company’s terms. He cannot withdraw until the profit earned is 1000 dollar. He reached a profit of 1000 dollar and made a withdraw request. Even after follow-up for a long time nothing happened. They use to give him flimsy excuses and tried to avoid him as much as possible. At the end he could not withdraw anything and lost all his money to 72 Option scam.

Stanley Lai also commented on said he was in a fix. According to his bank statement USD 5000 were deposited in 72 Option account on different dates in August and now his account balance is empty. The trade which was made has returned less than USD 5000. His losses mounted as he fell deeper and deeper into the trap. He is trying to withdraw whatever little is left after trade loss. It was his salary based money which is wiped dry.

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