HourSoftBank Review- Scam Broker Complaint

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Hour Soft Bank Review- An Introduction

Hours Soft Bank is a group of professional brokers who aim to provide comprehensive and advance level benefits in any available market. They trade a wide range of products such as Gold, Silver, FOREX, Cryptocurrency, Oil, and Metals. Hour Soft Bank is situated in London and has a broad network across the world. However, they give a full guarantee of 100% privilege to all types of investors but have no particular evidence on-site to show if it is even real. It seems like this site only focuses more on gaining benefits from its customers, but nothing much to give in return to them. So let’s get more into this and investigate a bit. 

About Hour Soft Bank Review

Hour Soft Bank is a brokerage company that is based in London, England. When you visit their online website, it seems too attractive as well as luring for their visitors. While exploring the websites, everything you will find is how they are making money every hour and how superior they are as compared to other trading companies. This is unprofessional as the trading market is always not about profit but also the losses as well, and Hour Soft Bank have never mentioned any downfall they might have faced in the market. Furthermore, the company has provided only specific and limited information on their website and only provided email support, which doubts as one who might be investing can find themselves stuck and have to wait for their reply. 

The lack of transparency makes the broker stand into a suspicious side. After detailed research of this website, it was found that various forums have stated Hour Soft Bank as a 100% scam and fraud website. Even people have shared their reviews and frauds that were done to them but this website. It was also found out that people have posted complaints of not being able to withdraw funds and no response from their customer supports after investing. Thus indeed, is a valid proof of them being a group of scam.


Is Hour Soft Bank a Scam or Legit

Hour Soft Bank is not a trustworthy broker that claims to be situated in London, England, while also assuring a web of networks worldwide. Apart from the place they are situated, no other details are provided about their company and the government’s authorization that the views can see and verify further. Moreover, they claim to be dealing with a wide range of products but have not provided specific details about how they work in each sector and its plans. Importantly, this website has an HYIP with all classic features, which means it can pause paying and working anytime they want to with no assurance and guarantee to their investors and the money they have invested on site. Therefore with all the research, the only conclusion that we can layout is Hour Soft Bank is suspected to a scam and can’t be trusted.