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Haven Investment Groups Review

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Fraudbrokers Team has investigated the reasons why Haven Investment Groups broker can be a scam. There are different types of trading methods currently popular in the financial market. Forex trading, Binary Options Trading, Cryptocurrency trading, and more. Traders rely on the brokers to perform trading in these markets and in return expect fair trading. But in reality, some of the brokers are not genuine and they scam traders and take away their hard-earned money. In order to put an end to this system of scam brokers, regulations were created by the government who would check the brokers and issue them license to operate in the market. However, being such a large industry, it is impossible for the regulations to watch out for every scam broker out there. Therefore every trader has to be careful about the possibility of a broker being a scam and should investigate before investing with financial brokers. To make it easy for you, we have listed some of the major red flags that you must look out for while searching for a broker.

Reasons of Haven Investment Groups being a scam broker

Fraudbrokers Team has listed Haven Investment Groups as a scam broker through Haven Investment Groups Review because there have been a number of complaints against the scam Haven Investment Groups broker and the following can be the activities responsible for the broker being called to be a scam broker.

  • Haven Investment Groups broker has promised unbelievable returns to the traders which are far above the standards in the industry. This is a common action taken by the scam brokers to lure the innocent and the unsuspecting traders into their scam.
  • The broker has discouraged traders to withdraw their money and has imposed restrictions.
  • The broker has illegitimate Terms and conditions related to the Bonus offered and it is a way to victimize traders. The Bonus withdrawal terms are very hard and are mostly hidden to the traders when any scam is involved. This is yet again a very common action as we tend to ignore the terms and conditions. The scammers take advantage of this and scam the traders.
  • The broker is an offshore broker which is based in countries where regulation is minimum. For example- St. Vincent and the Grenadines and others. Most of the brokers based in these offshore countries are suspected to be scams because these countries do not have a reputed regulation, therefore the money that you deposit with such brokers do not have any security.
  • The broker is not regulated in the countries it is in operation. For example, the broker is not regulated by ASIC in Australia, FCA in the UK, and others. Scam brokers, in order to boast about itself, claim to be offering trade in almost every country around the world. This fact may be false because there are several restrictions in various countries regarding the brokers that can operate in their countries. The broker may be regulated in some offshore countries and operating in other countries without regulation.
  • The broker suddenly stopped its operations and also closed its website leaving traders scammed losing their investments overnight. The broker leaves no way to contact or does not receive the phone calls. This is why, one must always look for brokers who have provided legitimate vital information such as contact information, information about the founders and the team, address of the headquarters etc.
  • The Haven Investment Groups broker forces the traders to invest more and more money. The broker’s managers also offer to trade on behalf of the traders which is very risky.

What to do if you are scammed!

Fraudbrokers is one of the most popular and trusted Fund recovery help services. With this Haven Investment Groups Review, we want to warn traders of a possible scam.  If you are victimized by Haven Investment Groups, file your complaint with Fraudbrokers Team. We will guide you to the best recovery process and help in getting back your lost money with the scam broker. Don’t worry, recovery from scams is possible!