GSTrade Review – Scam Broker Complaint

GSTrade is an online trading platform that has recently come under scrutiny for potentially being a scam. In this GSTrade review, we will be shedding light on the rumors of it being an unregulated broker and potential issues related to its withdrawal process. We will provide an unbiased opinion on their services and whether or not they are worth your investment. 

Avoiding scam brokers like GSTrade is essential since, even with the best information and trading tactics, you could lose all of your profits in a single day with a shady broker. The FraudBrokers team is here to help if you’ve been taken advantage of by a GSTrade broker and are unsure how to get your money back.

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Address – GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd & GSB Gold Standard Pay KB

Regulation – Blacklisted

Warned By – Not recommended by review website like Fraud Brokers

About GSTrade Scam

The GSTrade scam has been causing chaos within the online investment market. With all of the horror stories and numerous complaints, it’s important to take a closer look at this scheme and what exactly it entails. At its core, GSTrade is an online platform that allows users to access investments with high returns and low risks through a simple interface. Unfortunately, these promises tend to be too good to be true as many investors have found out after losing their money in the platform. In this GSTrade review, we’ll analyze what makes this venture so risky, who should avoid it, and how you can protect yourself from falling victim. 

GSTrade Regulation

GSTrade is an unregulated forex and CFD broker that offers traders a variety of trading options. Unfortunately, this broker has had its share of controversy, with many claiming that it is a scam. Clients have reported irregularities such as slow execution times, high spreads, and unreliable customer support. There are also reports that the company has refused to return funds to clients after deposits were made. With all of these issues being raised, it’s important to be extremely wary when dealing with GSTrade. 

GSTrade Withdrawal Issue

GSTrade’s withdrawal process leaves much to be desired. Several customers have reported issues when trying to withdraw funds, either being met with long delays or their withdrawal requests being outright rejected. This indicates a major underlying issue with GSTrade’s operations and should be strongly considered before using the platform. 


In conclusion, it is clear that GSTrade is not a legitimate trading platform and should be avoided at all costs. Its claims of providing users with unlimited and risk-free earning opportunities are false and have been exposed by numerous victims of the scam. Those who have already been defrauded by GSTrade should report their losses to the authorities as soon as possible to try and recoup some of their investments. Consumers should always do their research before investing any money into an online platform or investment opportunity.

Scammed by a GSTrade broker? Get help

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