Fidelity Gain Review- Scam Broker Complaint

Fidelity Gain Review – An Introduction


Fidelity Gain advertises itself as a trading and investment company in the crypto and binary options market. The company was founded in November 2017 and deems itself “the creators of the future”. It mentions on its website that it is registered in London in the United Kingdom. Slightly odd is the fact that the company has two websites On its website the company has showcased its social media links: Facebook and Instagram. However neither of these links work. And so it becomes hard to follow them and gain knowledge about the company itself.

About Fidelity Gain

The company is registered in the UK and does have a registration certificate that you can see. Closer inspection however, reveals that the Company is registered on a different name, VISUALHYIP LIMITED. This parent company doesn’t seem to be in the list of brokers that are under the regulation of any major regulator. Furthermore, this parent company has now either closed shop or maybe was a dummy company to start with. Fidelity Gain by itself also doesn’t seem to have any licence by the FCA. While selling the company on its website it suggests that it has a very strong and experienced team of economists, seasoned traders, logistics and IT specialists, but it does not introduce us to any of these people. So this claim also lacks any evidence.


The company on its website mentions that they are revolutionaries who are trying to promote cryptocurrencies. And that they are diligently engaged in crypto mining and maximising profits. But all this begs the question, how? How are they doing this? And if they are even actually doing this? This is a legitimate question because on their website, they have an open call for investors, and have elaborated that profits will be a reality with an exchange trade. Coming to the platform itself, they make use of the Meta Trader 4 platform. They have different account types, with the basic one having a minimum deposit of 500 USD, which is a rather high ask for a company with such limited information about it. The company advertises up to 30% profit daily using one of their investment programs; Which means a 900% profit over a month, which sounds way too good to be true, by any measure. 

 The Verdict

Seeing that Fidelity Gain, has a very shady internet presence, with no social media presence, and a murky origin; and other major red flags like no regulation, very high minimum deposit, and scam like sounding returns; It seems like a wise decision to try to find out more information before you think of investing with them. As they have quite a few traits of scamsters.