Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency fraudsters come in many different forms. They seek to acquire your cryptocurrency just like they would try to access the funds from your regular bank account. To guard your crypto assets, it is important to recognize how you can become a target of such scams, and what steps you should take if you believe that the cryptocurrency or any relevant information related to it may be fraudulent.

Types of Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency scams are generally classified into two types: attempts to gain access to a person’s digital wallet or authentication details, which can include accessing physical hardware; and sending cryptocurrency directly to a phony individual through impersonation, fake investments or business ventures, or other shady tactics.

How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

To protect yourself from cryptocurrency scams, please follow the steps below.
do not click any links, call any numbers, contact anyone in any way, or send money if you notice suspicious activity.
Additionally, never share your private cryptographic keys as they control your access to cryptocurrency wallets.
Do not give into claims of financial gain, discount investment managers who offer rapid returns on investments, or messages from celebrities claiming to be involved with cryptocurrency.
If you are utilizing an online dating platform or application, meet all potential relationships in person first before sending money.
Also, be wary of emails or texts from either established organizations or untested companies saying that your account is frozen or compromised. Finally, if a message is received purportedly coming from a government body, law enforcement agency or utility company verify the authenticity of the source before taking action.

Report Complaint to Fraudbrokers

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