CFD Corporate Scam

Overview of CFD Corporate review:

The reason behind many of you reading this review might be to check whether other people had the same CFD Corporate scam experience as you or to know whether it is safe to invest in this company. Claiming to be world-famous in trade, CFD Corporate does not step back from praising itself like every other scam broker. The company offers to trade in a variety of tradable instruments such as currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrency. To know more about the CFD Corporate scam, read the full CFD Corporate Review.

About CFD Corporate scam:


Upon a little research about the company’s legitimacy and regulation, we found out that CFD Corporate is unregulated. Although the company’s headquarters is claimed to be situated in Switzerland, there is no mention of a license on the company’s website or on the regulatory authorities’ websites. In order to operate in the market legally, every brokerage firm needs a license issued by the regulatory authority. However, these licenses are not that easy to acquire. The broker firms have to go through a lot of tests in order to get one. This is where the scam brokers fail as they do not meet the required criteria.

CFD Corporate spreads:

CFD Corporate offers a spread of 30 pips fixed spread to their customers. This amount is very high and almost 20 times more than what the industry offers thus increasing the risk for the customers. A high spread results in an induced high risk of the customer losing their money. We believe that this might be a tactic of CFD Corporate scammers to coerce the customers into depositing more money and getting a slightly expensive trading account to get a better spread offer. This creates another red flag that leads us closer to the CFD Corporate scam.

Unnecessary fees:

CFD Corporate has been quite successful in hiding their problematic offers in between the lengthy terms and conditions. While reading the terms and conditions, we found out that the company charges a fee of 99.99 dollars per month if a trader has been inactive for 3 months or more. They also mention something about a transfer fee but have not clearly stated everything about it.

High Leverage:

Just like every other scam broker, CFD Corporate offers high leverage in order to lure in the customers. Now for those who do not know, higher leverage means there is an increased risk of the customer losing on their investment. Therefore, leverage of 1:400, like that of CFD Corporate, will mostly push the customer to the losing category by inducing a high risk. Readers must note that in order to reduce this risk, the leverage has been capped at 1:30 in Australia and 1:50 in the USA.


To sum up, all that has been said above, it is clear that CFD Corporate is a complete scam. We urge our readers to stay away from this scam broker and invest in a legitimate broker that has a license. If you have been a victim of a CFD Corporate scam, file a complaint with us and we will help you get back your money. Hurry up and file a complaint now!