Caxton Global Review Scam Complaint

Caxton Global Review – An Introduction

Caxton Global is an offshore forex and CFD broker that shouldn’t be confused with Caxton FX, a UK based financial service provider. Caxton Global’s website is very unusual and falsey, with some sections occasionally not opening. There is no information provided regading the owner or parent company whatsover. There are a lot of such issues with this broker, continue reading to see all the specifics.

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About the Caxton Global:

Caxton Global offers its clients trading in forex pairs as well as a few other asset classes, like indices and commodities. Talking about leverage which is a necessary evil when it comes to forex trading, this broker provides a maximum leverage of 1:200 which is more than enough for a serious trader. The costs of trading at Caxton Global are what one only accept if he is 100% certain in the reliability of his broker the EUR/USD spread we saw when testing the platform was between 1.8 and 2.0 pips. The regulatory aspect of Caxton Global isn’t the only thing left blank by it. One can’t get to know what spreads he would receive before registering a demo account with the broker.

Caxton Global in terms of investment is one of the unreasonable demanding brokers in the industry who might involved in scams. Even the smallest deposit needed to get registered with them is $2,000, which is way too high in the industry averages. While every brokerage company can choose its own name, Caxton Global here has chosen one of the kind which can mislead potential clients. Caxton Fx which is a UK based and FCA regulated financial services provider, but here broker uses a name which resembles this company’s name. They aren’t a broker, but offer credit cards and other services. The problem here is that if a person goes for looking reviews about  Caxton Global could accidentally find positive comments regarding the other entity, especially since they have FX in their name. talking about mode of payments, we can see that this broker doesn’t provide information regarding the ways one can deposit funds with them.

Is Caxton Global legit or scam?

Caxton Global is an offshore unregulated forex and CFD broker. The broker has no license to render its services and it also found that many traders have complained about the broker that it is a scam broker who has gobbled their money. The broker’s website also seems very unusual and trashy while many a times not working. Therefore, we would suggest traders to not invest their money with this scam broker.

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