CapitalFXclub Review Scam Complaint

CapitalFXclub Review – An Introduction

CapitalFXclub is a forex and CFD broker that has no license to provide its services. The broker is based offshore and claims to offer its clients various financial assets to trade with. CapitalFXclub is the trading name of PRO Capital which claims to be based in the UK. PRO Capital is actually no company name and even there is no mention of license or regulation. The broker seems to be a scam, read on to understand why it seems to be a scam.

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About the CapitalFXclub:

CapitalFXclub is an unregulated offshore broker that offers its clients four type of accounts for trading namely Standard, Classic, Gold and Premium. CapitalFXclub provides its trading services on the very famous MetaTrader 4, which is always considered by traders. The MT4 has stood the test of time and is loved by many traders globally for its reliability and great functionalities. A leverage level of 1:200 is provided by the broker and it will be sufficient for most of the traders and is not dangerously high. Nonetheless, it is not recommend for beginner traders to use the high leverage ratios possible, as it involves greater risk of loss.

The minimum deposit amount required by CapitalFXclub to trade with it is Dollar 250, which may not seem too much to some investors. However, a number of licensed and reputable brokers in the industry accept deposits as low as dollar 100 or even less as minimum deposit. The broker CapitalFXclub is related to shady company Game Capital Ads Ltd which is blacklisted by Italian regulator. When you will go through the page of CapitalFXclub, you will notice that the websites of both the brands CapitalFXclub and Game Capital Ads Ltd are almost identical, with some minor differences. It seems that most of the websites of the brand Game Capital Ads Ltd and sub brands are blacklisted by the Italian regulator of financial services.

Is CapitalFXclub legit or scam?

CapitalFXclub is an unregulated broker that doesn’t have the license to provide its financial services. The broker website seems very shady and incomplete as it doesn’t mention the details regarding the trading conditions and cost of trading. Moreover, there are various complaints by clients of this broker that they faced problems in withdrawing their money from the trading accounts and get no support from the customer service team of the broker. Therefore, it is recommended to not trade with this scam broker.

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