BBanc Review: A Typical Offshore Broker Scam 

BBanc is an offshore broker that appears to have all the hallmarks of a scam. The website lacks any clear information about trading conditions, and it operates without a license. Furthermore, their use of MT5, which belongs to another entity, and bonus policy intended to block client withdrawals are concerning. It’s important to note that BBanc has already been blacklisted in France, adding to its dubious reputation. To find out more, read the BBanc review.

Website –

Address – First Floor, First St. Vincent Ltd Building James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Warned By – Autorité des Marchés Financiers (France), Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain), British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada), Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom), and Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

BBanc: An Unregulated Brokerage that May Not be Trustworthy

Forex and CFD trading companies are required to comply with the regulations of the country where they operate. Unfortunately, BBanc operates out of Saint Vincent and Grenadines, which does not provide regulations to trading firms. As a result, the firm is scamming traders from multiple countries, including the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, and Poland. We expected to see Tier 1 Regulation but checking the registers of these regulators, we found no records of BBanc trading company, only warnings. Given the multiple warnings issued against BBanc, this broker should not be trusted. Additionally, the fact that they share client information with third parties is a clear violation of privacy.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods and Fees for BBanc

As per the user area, BBanc clients can invest funds using credit and debit card options, e-wallets, and bank transfers. The minimum deposit requirement is $250. 

The website claims to offer one free withdrawal every week, but no further information has been provided on this. We were unable to find any disclosed commissions associated with this.

However, the legal documents do mention some fees that are vaguely described and possibly misleading.

It is recommended that you do not invest with BBanc, as there is a high risk of losing your funds and having your personal information misused.

Share Your Experience if You’ve Fallen Victim to a BBanc Broker Scam

It’s not uncommon to be misled once, especially if you’re not familiar with the situation. However, it’s a different story if it happens twice, or after reading this review. You can help prevent this by sharing your experience with the BBanc broker.

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Recovering Funds Made Easy with Expert Assistance 

If you’re looking to recover funds, there’s a simple solution available through expert assistance. One possible approach is to initiate a chargeback where a transaction is reversed if a card was used as the payment method. Our experts specialize in working with such businesses and recovering lost funds. Don’t let scammers get away with their crimes.

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation and take the first step in filing a dispute. Remember, time is of the essence, and the sooner we start, the higher the likelihood of a successful recovery.

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