Balix Traders Review: Is Balix Traders a scam or a legit broker?

Balix Traders is an offshore scam. This Balix Traders review will demonstrate why this broker is a scam, starting with the fact that it operates without being regulated by any reputable regulation authority such as the FCA, CySec, FSMA, or ASIC. Additionally, numerous complaints and negative reviews about Balix Traders further suggest this to be a potential scam. It is highly recommended not to invest in them as your funds may not be secure.

Website –

Address – Sherman, 416 Gladwell Street Texas United States & 17 St Mary axe, London, United Kingdom

Regulation – Unregulated, Blacklisted, Scam

Warned By – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Fraud Brokers

It is advisable to steer clear of investing with Balix Traders as it is suspected to be a scam. There are several red flags surrounding this platform, such as its lack of information about its team and the use of stock images. These factors demonstrate how unreliable and deceitful the broker is, making it extremely risky to place your money with them.

Warning Signs Of Balix Traders Scams

In this review, we have identified some potential signs of fraudulent activity from this unauthorized broker: 

  • False claims on their website.
  • Illegitimate rules and regulations, Bonus and Withdrawal policies. 
  • Persistent calls to traders for increased investment amounts.
  • Promises of unrealistic returns.
  • Lack of risk warnings or inappropriately concealed information on their webpage.
  • Brokers may be found in areas where regulations are lax and registering a business is straightforward, making these places a haven for scam artists. 
  • These brokers often promise great returns, but when the time comes to withdraw your earnings, they implement rules that make it impossible for you to receive your funds. 
  • They can remain operational for a while before contact becomes impossible and their website disappears, or they change their name and website address without giving any prior warning to existing traders.

Balix Traders Complaints and Negative Reviews

There is a suspicion that Balix Traders could be a scam, based on numerous reviews. Therefore, we do not recommend investing with them. If you are already invested in the company, stop depositing any additional funds and refrain from paying any fees they require to access your money.

After carrying out an in-depth examination of Balix Traders, Fraud Brokers has concluded that this broker is not trustworthy due to the numerous complaints from traders and unfavorable reviews from customers. We have hence included it on the list of scam brokers warnings.

Are you a victim of the Balix Traders scam? Get help

If you were deceived by Balix Traders and have suffered a loss of money, there is no need to despair as this has happened to many others. It can be seen as an opportunity for learning how to become a more cautious investor.

Fortunately, help is available. If you or someone got scammed by such a scammer, do not hesitate to contact the Fraud Brokers team, which is committed to helping consumers recover funds lost online all over the world and work on a 24/7 basis. The company has already returned millions of dollars that had been taken from its customers. 

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