Asic Trader Review Scam Complaint

Asic Trader Review – An Introduction

Asic Trader is one of the forex and CFD brokers who provide option of trading in crypto currencies and place major focus on it. The broker is not regulated and seems to have been based in Australia but the company is registered in Scotland, UK. The broker is owned and operated by FX Hellax Corporation. It is suggested to read the entire review to know about Asic Trader.

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About the Asic Trader:

Asic Trader offers its clients a wide range of cryptocurrency CFDs with good spreads and unmentioned leverage. When you consider the name of the broker you could associate it with Australia, but the fact is that it is registered in Scotland, UK and not licensed by any financial regulator. What the worse case is, the Financial Conduct Authority has blacklisted Asic Trader, warning the traders that it is not licensed by it and might be involved in investment scam. Checking their website, there was not much information available about the Asic Trader or anything related to its trading conditions. Neither the information about spreads and leverage nor are demo accounts are available.

Just like other unregulated crypto CFD brokers, Asic Trader also offers its services on a simple web based trading platform the name of which is also not mentioned. This platform is easy to use but lacks all of the advanced trading features the MT4 platform offers. Asic Trader offers trading in wide range of various cryptocurrencies in various pairings but one cannot trade in traditional currencies such as Dollar, Euro or GBP with this broker. Asic Trader is a shady broker that is working from behind the window.

 Is Asic Trader legit or scam?

Asic Trader is an unregulated broker and doing business with unregulated brokers is not recommended, and if a reliable financial regulator like the FCA has officially blacklisted it, you would better stay away from such a broker. Overall, Asic Trader is a scam broker as the broker is not licensed from any financial authority. Moreover, it provides no information about the trading conditions, and uses a platform which is provided only by other shady unregulated brokers. On top of all these negative points, Asic Trader is blacklisted by the FCA, which has warned traders to keep their money safe.  Therefore, it is advised to consider other reliable brokers trading in bitcoin instead of Asic Trader that is a clear scam broker.

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