Investors Beware: AquilaFx Firm is a Scam 

For those considering investing with AquilaFX, please be warned. This firm is a complete scam masquerading as a broker, and any funds deposited with them will be permanently lost. AquilaFX operates as an unregulated firm that offers financial services in violation of the law. 

Protect yourself and your hard-earned money by avoiding any association with this fraudulent forex broker. Read a complete AquilaFX review and don’t be deceived or fall into their trap!

Website –

Address – Zweistapfle 6, Balzers 9496, Liechtenstein

Regulation – Unregulated, Blacklisted

Warned By – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Fraud Brokers

AquilaFX Regulation: What You Need to Know 

When reviewing the AquilaFX website, you will only find one address in Liechtenstein and a statement claiming that it is regulated by CONSOB. However, their multiple social media account links are reportedly non-functional and redirect you to the homepage. This anonymity is a warning sign that the website may be fraudulent and those behind it are trying to avoid detection.

To clarify, CONSOB is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the securities market in Italy, but AquilaFX is not listed on its official register. This indicates that they are not regulated by CONSOB, and the organization has issued a warning against them due to their fraudulent intentions.

AquilaFX: Payment Methods for Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

AquilaFx’s website states that it accepts credit/debit cards for deposits and highlights three options – Payeer, Binance, and Bitnovo. However, these three options are not credit card payments but rather popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Unfortunately, this type of false advertising is common for scams. It’s important to note that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and anonymous, making it difficult to recover lost funds.

Withdrawal Requirements for AquilaFx 

Regrettably, there is no Withdrawal Policy provided on the website. Furthermore, the broker’s overall lack of information regarding the topic suggests that there is no sufficient data available on its withdrawal requirements. It’s important to remain cautious, as there may be fees and taxes associated with each withdrawal request that could surpass 15% or even 20%. Additionally, some scammers may establish steep minimum withdrawal amounts and extensive trading volumes. Ultimately, investing with this broker is not recommended, so it’s best to stay vigilant and avoid this fraudulent website.

Understanding AquilaFX Leverage and the Importance of Regulatory Compliance 

AquilaFX is known for offering high leverage of up to 400:1, which can be enticing for traders looking for significant returns. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that reputable brokers, regulated by regulatory bodies such as CONSOB, are required to limit their leverage to 30:1 for retail clients. This is to safeguard traders against the potential risks associated with high leverage.

It’s important to note that AquilaFX is not regulated in Italy or any other jurisdiction. To ensure the safety of your trading activities and investments, it’s wise to choose a broker that adheres to regulatory guidelines.

Have You Been Scammed by AquilaFX Broker? Share Your Experience 

It’s not unusual to be deceived, especially if you’re not aware of the situation. However, if it happens to you repeatedly, or after reading this review, it’s essential to speak out. By sharing your experience with the AquilaFX broker, you can help others avoid falling into the same trap.

In case you need assistance with fund recovery, our team of experts is always available to help. Contact us today!

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